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Today, QuickBooks from Intuit is the primarily used and most liked accounting software across the globe by medium, small or large scale enterprises. Reason being, Intuit keeps updating QuickBooks in the form of new versions like QuickBooks 2017 was launched recently with updated features and enhanced functionality. Not to ignore the outstanding graphical interfaces to proficiently complete any accounting tasks and freedom to choose from wide ranging add-ons to work with QuickBooks if the users find any of its features less proficient to accomplish any accounting task.

However, the users have to ensure that they are using the best of QuickBooks` all-inclusive features to utilize its jam-packed strength for accounting affairs. QuickBooks cloud hosting services can really help its users in utilizing the encompassing features of QuickBooks in full capacity and functionality as QuickBooks cloud hosting also adds on the freedom of accessing any file anytime, anywhere across the globe. In other words, QuickBooks is such an accounting software that has made the lives of millions of its users easy and if you opt for QuickBooks cloud hosting it multiplies the ease to manifolds.

Now the Question is, “Is everyone aware of the term cloud hosting or QuickBooks cloud hosting?” and those who are aware of it wonder, if it is safe to use cloud hosting services for their crucial data.
Well, Cloud is all about keeping a secure and remotely accessible data centre offsite and it is safer than keeping your data under lock and key.

So, as QuickBooks users, you can plan to opt for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services for the latest QuickBooks 2017 version for ensuring maximum functionality. For more elucidation about the benefits of using QuickBooks cloud hosting services over QuickBooks online, let us discuss in detail Please visit here Now.


QuickBooks Users Shortcut Key Tips

You own your dream business? You might be trying to grow your ability set to comprise financial and management accounting. You may also be trying to find a suitable alternative who can perform and handle your accounting on your behalf. Whatever be the case, being into market you might have heard about QuickBooks, the most popular accounting software among its users. You might also be planning to switch to QuickBooks already for your small business. Even if you have not planned yet, this article would really help you articulate the benefits of transition to QuickBooks as an accounting software.

The most frequently and commonly used features of QuickBooks include, customers, employees, banking, vendors and snapshot.

Moving further, below are a few tips to use QuickBooks better than ever:

1. First of all, I would love to share a few QuickBooks key board shortcuts, as it is the foremost requirement to complete any task on QuickBooks speedily and easily. Below mentioned keyboard shortcut tips will help the QuickBooks users:

  • To create invoice: Ctrl-I
  • To search transactions: Ctrl-F
  • To manage transaction selected in register: Ctrl-E
  • To open customer center: Ctrl-J
  • To remember any transaction/reports: Ctrl-M
  • To open the remembered list: Ctrl-T
  • To make new invoice, enter new bill/check: Ctrl-N
  • To list items: Ctrl-Q
  • To write a new cheque: Ctrl-W

2. Though QuickBooks offers a setup wizard to enable its users to set most used programs, it is not enough. So, you can click on the edit preferences to open the window for preferences and you can set your preferences like choosing the default account, single window or multi window view etc. for your accounting needs.

3. Instead of completely counting on the tool bar, you can use Right- Click Menus which are everywhere all over QuickBooks. Using Right- Click Menus, you can highpoint any entry on the employee roster and do many tasks, like, editing or cancelling that account. It also lets you change the details of single employee, hence, eliminating the need of making changes in all the accounts.

4. In order to avoid any kind of confusion or situation to lose any important data the QuickBooks users should customize the Icon Bar and remove the Quick Books functions which are not useful to them.

There is a lot more the QuickBooks users can learn about tips to use QuickBooks better and easier than ever. However, I’ll discuss about them in my next blog. Stay tuned to learn more about QuickBooks tips.

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QuickBooks Services for Accounting

In today`s era QuickBooks Accounting Software has turned to be one of the most liked software by its users. The reasons can be many. From monitoring the performance of your small or big business, you can keep a complete track of all your financial transactions like expenses, receivables and payables. You can also determine the inventories for your products with the help of quickbooks services for accounting software.

Keeping the issue of lack of time in today`s busted life, QuickBooks accounting services prove a powerful boon and the accounting software a powerful program. Though, quickbooks accounting is one of the most crucial task of all your business tasks, there are other important tasks as well. As accounting is very time consuming, it may consume all of your time that you could use to wrap up your other core business activities. In this situation, this software becomes more valuable and must have for any business owner.
Simply buying the software cannot help you save your time and cost; so, if you really want to enjoy real wonders of time and cost saving, opt for a good company that offers quickbooks services providers.

You do not have to work hard, but smart to choose the one reliable company from huge wave of QuickBooks services providers in the market today. Following are the most important reasons that really make you choose QuickBooks Accounting services provider:

You have bought the QuickBooks Accounting Software? Confused about its suitability with your business requirement ? Stuck on while installing or updating it? QuickBooks Accounting Services can help you with all.

You might have your in house team of bookkeeping. You might have spent a lot of your time and resources while hiring the team. Still, you may realize that your accountants need considerable training for making optimized usage of QuickBooks accounting software. Do you think, it would be a smart move to spend more time on their training and hire someone to train them? If you can think smartly you will find this process to be very cumbersome. Here, comes the requirement of a QuickBooks Accounting service provider, who will do all on your behalf, saving a lot of time. They can customize the accounting software as per the requirement of your business. Along with customization, the service provider can also train your team to use the software properly.

After personalizing the settings of your accounting software, you will need to customize your lists as well as the accounting process for your business. You do not have to worry, as the service provider can do this as well on your behalf. They can also help you creating your own templates with your company logo and the heading of your choice.

Again, the evaluation of the financial transactions and cash flow gets very easy and accurate with the help of QuickBooks Accounting Services.

Hence, your overall accounting improves and overall hassle decreases with the help of Accounting  QuickBooks Services.

You can choose QBOffers as your Accounting QuickBooks Services providers.

QuickBooks Services for Bookkeeping and Accounting

QuickBooks is considered as the best accounting software by most of its users, as it offers a range of pretty easy to use features, i.e. books can be accessed anytime on the internet via QuickBooks, invoices and bills can be easily shared with the customers, easy to manage multiple accounts in one time and much more. Bookkeeping QuickBooks Services are too manageable and a lot can be achieved with the help of Bookkeeping services. There are a lot of reputed Bookkeeping QuickBooks  services provider available in the market. Though, you have to choose the services as per the size and requirement of your business. You can use an individual bookkeeper at home and opt for the external bookkeeping quickbooks services as it suits to your business need.

Manual entry of the financial transactions can be erroneous, however, using QuickBooks Bookkeeping can help you erase away the chances of such errors. It is so handy to use that it saves a lot of time of your resources. As the work is executed faster than ever and manageable better than ever, you can save a lot of cost on hiring resources.

In case you opt for an in house bookkeeping team as you feel that your business it too small to opt for a bookkeeping service provider, you do not have to wonder about the how about of its usage. Your bookkeepers will be able to get hands over it.However, you can escape a lot of hassle if you opt for an external BookkeepingQuickBooksServices provider like QBOffers. QBOffers is a premier reseller of Intuit and holds a team of expert, certified and experienced bookkeepers. You can forget the worries of setting up your own team and infrastructure set up for your bookkeeping section. The experts can analizee the reports of your business and can guide you further with the required guidance for your business. In short you get a lot of time to think about the opportunities and scope of your core business, as someone really reliable is always there for you take care of your books and entries.

You are low at your expenditures in terms of no staff hiring cost, no training cost, decreased payroll taxes etc. QBOffers will work as a watchdog for your business and will never let you skip any cost saving opportunity and upcoming financial trends.


In short QuickBooks Bookkeeping software is so easy to use that it can turn your novice bookkeepers into professionals. So no more fears of issuing invoices, reconciling the books and no tax time fear, as QuickBooks can bring your business in such an order that you will notice everything is exactly the way you need or want it to be.

QB Offers is Legitimate and Safe

QuickBookkeeping Offers(QBOffers) is a Dan and Bradsteet verified company, which proves that it is a legitimate organization. It is not a scam company and legitimacy is prevalent in every sense of the word. It believes in quality policies that are ethical as well as transparent. The company offers a safe and secure zone for its customer base. The company rests on its sound work procedures.

Moreover, QBOffers is a PCI compliant company, as per the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards), wherein the credit card payments are safe and secure, and there is a recording of all the calls maintained in our database. The website of QBOffers, is SSL certified and 128 bit encrypted. This means that a secure session link exists between the visitor’s web browser, and our website, and all the communications that happens over this link are not only encrypted but safe. So, the chances of taking a fake payment over this session link is absolutely non-existent. The certifications prove that we are a legitimate company, and that we provide an absolutely safe and secure environment.

QBOffers, therefore is in possession of a robust customer base in countries like US, UK. The sound work policies are designed in such a way that the company gets driven only by customer satisfaction of highest order. That QBOffers is not a fraud company is proved by the very fact that there are several instances of customer reviews that are extremely positive, and highly appreciates the services offered by QBOffers, along with technical support.

The positive outlook that the customers has towards QBOffers is built over the years of hard work that the company has put forward towards establishment of high reputation in the market. The positive customer reviews are found to exist in the various online forums, social media sites and portals. The certified and the experienced professionals at QBOffers provides 24 x 7 services, for its entire customer base, and the high quality support services forms the foundations, for our organization.

Our expert support professionals are highly proficient in resolving all the issues that are faced by the customers, and efficiently manage all types of difficult situations, on behalf of the customers, with their quick and prompt response. The issues faced by the expert professionals at QBOffers are solved on account of the in-depth knowledge gained by them during the rigorous training program that they undergo, subsequently followed by a strict exam. The knowledge base of these experts lies in solving issues on all aspects of the support service.

However, we do have a small section of the customers who forwards negative complaints and bad reviews as well. But, we find that this is often rebutted by a stronger reply, from many a customer who believes that we are a trustworthy company, and we do not stand a chance ever, of being labelled as a scammer company. Not all our customers share these beliefs.

QB Offers: Accounting and Bookkeeping for Business

qboffers quickbooks online services

For business that is large or small, Quickbooks Accounting and Bookkeeping Services are such functions, which are decisive on the movement of the success graph for your business. Accounting and Bookkeeping may seem to be a time waster, but are such activities, which can either make or break the business. If, you need to grow your organization from a small to a big organization, you need to take both the functions of accounting and bookkeeping, quite seriously.

Accounting and Bookkeeping is all about keeping and maintaining financial books. The business success is dependent on these books of accounts, so that there is sustained growth for your business. Some of these books of finance that you need to maintain are:

  • Cash Book
  • Assets Record
  • Inventory / Stock book
  • Credit book
  • Credit purchases / Debit book
  • Cash payment vouchers
  • Sales invoice
  • Cash receipt
  • Bank transactions
  • Profit and Loss accounts
  • Payroll records

Precision and accuracy are the cornerstones for maintaining the accounting and bookkeeping functions for an organization. There must a steady trend of growth as depicted by the statistical data obtained from the above two functions. The job at hand is quite complicated and time-consuming too.

Any organization in such a situation needs professional bookkeeping and accounting experts and they are much in demand. Only a skilled employee, who has vast knowledge on the accounting and bookkeeping functions is recruited, otherwise there will be wastage of money and time.

In-depth levels of analysis and dissemination of entries are the salient points for such a function. Nowadays an external service provider on accounting and bookkeeping are able to provide with the same services, without the need to hire a new accountant or a bookkeeper. The advantage for the business owner is to concentrate more on the essential activities for running the business.

Various financial reports are generated at regular intervals, by the accounting and bookkeeping functions. These reports can accurately depict whether the company is making a profit or incurring a loss. The future strategies of the organization are decided on the basis of this analyzed information.

Previous Article on QuickBooks – https://qboffers.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/how-important-is-accounting-and-bookkeeping-to-a-business/

Importance of Quickbooks Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

There are various factors on which the importance of accounting and bookkeeping are dependent on and these are:

  • The performance of the business can be evaluated by the accounting and bookkeeping functions. One needs to know whether the status of the business is growing, stagnant or depreciating.
  • Deadlines are met successfully with the accounting and bookkeeping activities, with the timely payment of taxes, loans, bills and loans.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping has the ability to forecast the increase in the employee base of the organization. Accounting and bookkeeping answers all your questions on the affordability of hiring your team, without incurring further costs.
  • Budgeting is the process through which you plan ahead your business. Accounting and Bookkeeping helps in the planning ahead process for your business. The future for the business is forecasted with goals and projections.
  • Effective cash flow management.


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QB Offers is Legitimate; not a Scam or Fraud

QB Offers is a professional services company, providing a range of business services and their solutions. The business services are offered in the areas of accounting and bookkeeping, tax filing and payroll services. QB Offers also provides services on integration, conversion, consulting and ongoing QuickBooks services, related to the QuickBooks software.

Additionally, QB Offers is also an Intuit Premier Reseller company, for QuickBooks products and services. This certification is only awarded to those companies, who adhere to highest levels of quality standards and with the ability to resolve problems, diverse and complex in nature. These Intuit Premier Resellers are known for exhibiting the proven levels of quickbooks product support and premier service. Undoubtedly, it is a legitimate business and follows ethical business policies, along with transparency.

QB Offers is a PCI Compliant Company that is, it adheres to a set of specific security standards, as per PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), with strictly protected client information and transmission of data is encrypted, over public networks. We cannot term this company as a scam or fraud.

With all these above credentials QB Offers faces negative comments from some of its client, on the online portals. Merely complaining on such online portals does not assure that QB Offers is a scam company. All such negative complaints need substantial amount of proof. Posting online, on such a portal does not mean that it is termed as an absolute truth and a company cannot be branded as a defaulter.

In most of the cases, QB Offers has carried out investigations on the basis of such negative complaints and found that the accusations did not have any basis. Legitimacy of QB Offers is proved, if one visits the Facebook Page of QB Offers, where innumerable clients have appreciated the online quickbooks service levels of QB Offers. In such circumstances, it cannot be termed as a scam or a fraud company. We care for our clients and we offer delight to our clients, with our round-the-clock services.