Simple Ways to Use QuickBooks at Its Best

With years of efforts Intuit has without failing produced a new and updated version of QuickBooks for its millions of users. QuickBooks seems to be turned up as one of the most important tools for every kind of organization, new or old, small or big that has to deal with financial transactions on daily basis. Still, the irony is most of the users are unaware of the tit bits of using QuickBooks efficiently.


Here are a few steps using following which the users may enjoy the optimum benefits of QuickBooks software:
      1- Choose your preferred desktop with preferred screen view 

  • At the time you first fire up a new copy of QuickBooks there appears the default flow chart
  • Go to the Preferences
  • Opt for another start-up screen from Desktop View; you can pick any of your popular Company Snapshot of your preference as the Desktop view
  • Prefer and click the Save current desktop radio button

    2- Speed up your searches 

  • With the help of search feature you can find items in your company file as well as the program’s help files.
  • Under Preferences Search, you can easily opt for the option you want to use as search like you can choose from Company file search and Help File Search.
  • You can also choose the option you want search files from on the basis of time period, for example: if you want to make complete your search from the last 30 days entry, you can choose the option and the search results would appear from the entries indexed during the last 30 days.
  • You can also choose the option that every time a file is indexed it must appear in search suggestions while searching for any file and so on. So, before you make your search make sure that you click on the update now button.

    3- Turn Off or Turn on your reminders as per your requirement 

  • Check on “do-not-show-this-message-again” box in the message if you do not want to receive the reminder again
  • In case you wish to receive the reminders time and again you can click on “Bring back all one time messages” and the messages will appear everytime you work on your QuickBooks

    4- Add or update multiple list entries

  • Go to the List menu
  • Choose from options that appear under “Add/Edit Multiple entries”

    5- Tweak your report before it runs 

  • If you want to tweak your reports without waiting for the report to open:
  • Go to Preferences and then click on Reports
  • Check off “Prompt me”
  • Other options you can opt for optimizing the usage of QuickBooks are as following:
  • QuickBooks allows you to set some required Excel options before exporting the data by simple clicking on the Advanced button.
  • Opt for find shortcuts and menu customizations options to gear up your work.
  • Set your favorites

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Other options you can opt for optimizing the usage of QuickBooks are as following:

  •  QuickBooks allows you to set some required Excel options before exporting the data by simple clicking on the Advanced button.
  •  Opt for find shortcuts and menu customizations options to gear up your work.

Set your favorites

  • Click on the heart icon below any report in the report center—standard, memorized, or contributed
  • You can also run favorite reports command for getting all reports to update with your single click.
  • Customize the icon bar as per your choice in place of using it as it is at the time of installation
  • In this way there are number of steps you can follow to ease and gear your work while using QuickBooks.

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