QuickBooks Users Shortcut Key Tips

You own your dream business? You might be trying to grow your ability set to comprise financial and management accounting. You may also be trying to find a suitable alternative who can perform and handle your accounting on your behalf. Whatever be the case, being into market you might have heard about QuickBooks, the most popular accounting software among its users. You might also be planning to switch to QuickBooks already for your small business. Even if you have not planned yet, this article would really help you articulate the benefits of transition to QuickBooks as an accounting software.

The most frequently and commonly used features of QuickBooks include, customers, employees, banking, vendors and snapshot.

Moving further, below are a few tips to use QuickBooks better than ever:

1. First of all, I would love to share a few QuickBooks key board shortcuts, as it is the foremost requirement to complete any task on QuickBooks speedily and easily. Below mentioned keyboard shortcut tips will help the QuickBooks users:

  • To create invoice: Ctrl-I
  • To search transactions: Ctrl-F
  • To manage transaction selected in register: Ctrl-E
  • To open customer center: Ctrl-J
  • To remember any transaction/reports: Ctrl-M
  • To open the remembered list: Ctrl-T
  • To make new invoice, enter new bill/check: Ctrl-N
  • To list items: Ctrl-Q
  • To write a new cheque: Ctrl-W

2. Though QuickBooks offers a setup wizard to enable its users to set most used programs, it is not enough. So, you can click on the edit preferences to open the window for preferences and you can set your preferences like choosing the default account, single window or multi window view etc. for your accounting needs.

3. Instead of completely counting on the tool bar, you can use Right- Click Menus which are everywhere all over QuickBooks. Using Right- Click Menus, you can highpoint any entry on the employee roster and do many tasks, like, editing or cancelling that account. It also lets you change the details of single employee, hence, eliminating the need of making changes in all the accounts.

4. In order to avoid any kind of confusion or situation to lose any important data the QuickBooks users should customize the Icon Bar and remove the Quick Books functions which are not useful to them.

There is a lot more the QuickBooks users can learn about tips to use QuickBooks better and easier than ever. However, I’ll discuss about them in my next blog. Stay tuned to learn more about QuickBooks tips.

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